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KONICA MINOLTA copier toner opc drum for Di152

KONICA MINOLTA copier toner opc drum for Di152/183/1611/181/bizhub 162/163/180/210/211/7216

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Our Product Detail

This is the description of KONICA MINOLTA copier toner opc drum for Di152

Photoreceptors (OPC drums):


OPC (organic photoconductor) drum is one of the critical components of printer or copier that impacts the image printing performance. HYB only work with manufacturers directly who have excellent reputation in the market as a reliable supplier of high-quality OPC drums with robust products line-up.



HYB has the advantages as the world's leading importers for copier monochrome, color toner and it has significantly strengthened our cooperation with the Global Quality OPC manufacturers. HYB has a lot of shared power in R & D with manufacturers of Photoreceptors and it enables us to resell the high quality products with a massive quantity buying cost. The cost saving HYB gained will go directly to our distributors.

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