The Service Vacuum is engineered by HYB with the purpose of providing great convenience to the service technician/engineers for their manufacturing/remanufacturing process.

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Function: Powerful Service Vacuum for Cleaning toner and dust from Printers, Copiers, Remanufacturing Workshops


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1. Introduction

The Service Vacuum is engineered by HYB with the purpose of providing great convenience to the service technician/engineers for their manufacturing/remanufacturing process. Toner particles are exceptionally small (as small as .3 microns) and require special filtration to avoid the potential of clogging filters and/or spewing dust back into the air. So a microprocessing device is necessary to deal with this working environment. The HYB Service Vacuum is aiming to offer the users powerful cleaning with dust removal efficiency, User-friendly operation, and easy maintenance 

2. Names and Structure

1. Case 2. Power switch 3. Endcap screw 4. Endcap 5, filter 6. Short nozzle 7. Brush 8. Long nozzle 9. Dust pipe 10. Nozzle connector 11. Power cable socket

3. Technical parameters

For some parameters, please refer to the parameter label on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner (shown below).

Maximum air volume: 180 m3/h

Maximum vacuum: 1800 mmH2o

Noise: 80~90dB (half a meter from the vacuum cleaner).

Gross weight: 6.3kg

Outer package size: length (465 mm) X width (220 mm) X height (310 mm)

Net weight: 4.8 kg

Vacuum cleaner size: length (440mm) X width (170mm) X height (216mm),

Filter effective volume: 2L

Filtration accuracy / filtration efficiency: 0.3 microns / 99.97%

4. Operation instructions

Please read the instructions carefully before using this device!

1. Unplug the filter protection end cap and connect one end of the suction tube to the filter suction port (see the figure below).

2. Select the appropriate nozzle according to the use condition, and install the end of the hose and the nozzle (the installation diagrams of different nozzles are as follows).

3. Connect the vacuum cleaner power cable, turn on the power, turn on the power switch on the front of the vacuum cleaner handle, and start the vacuum cleaner to work. See the figure below.

Figure 4: Demonstration “how to use”

5. Precautions

Ensure that the power supply is reliably grounded to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock. 

Please pay attention to the voltage parameters of the selected equipment. Improper use of voltage will result in the equipment not working properly or being damaged. 

 The equipment is suitable for cleaning dust on the surface of the ground and objects, and can reliably filter particles of 0.3-micron size (such as shredded paper, dust, toner, pollen, and other toners), except for the following substances. It is forbidden to absorb sharp particulate matter such as liquid (such as water, gasoline, etc.) and iron filings; Do not inhale not be extinguished cigarette butts, matches or other burning ash; Do not inhale cloth, hair and other debris, so as not to block the air outlet, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

Precautions during use:

Use the accessories recommended by the manufacturer; if the power cable is damaged, please go to the designated service point of our company to replace the dedicated power cable:

When the cable is hot, stop working, do not scratch the cable, and keep away from the high-temperature environment;

Do not operate the device with wet hands. Keep your hair, placket, fingers and other parts of the body away from the mouthpiece and the rotating part of the motor;

Do not use the device without a filter installed:

Minors should be used under parental supervision:

Do not start the vacuum cleaner frequently in the short term (one minute between power-on and off intervals). The continuous use of time should not be too long.

Unplug the power cable (disconnect the power) before using the device or performing maintenance on the device. Turn off the power switch before unplugging the power cable. When unplugging the power cable, do not pull the power cable. To unplug the power socket:

Since the wet environment will affect the electrical insulation performance and the service life of the filter element, it is not recommended to use it in a humid environment; after use, the vacuum cleaner should be stored in a dry place.

The filter needs to be replaced when the following conditions are encountered, and the used filter is cleaned in the normal way.

If the filter element is damaged or if there is dust after filtering the filter element due to other reasons, it is strictly forbidden to continue using it. The new filter must be replaced in time:

When the user feels that the suction of the device is significantly weakened during use, please suspend use and check if the suction tube is clogged, if there is too much inhalation in the filter, and if the filter is clogged. Solution: Remove obstructions, remove dust from the filter, or replace the filter.

Transportation: The vacuum cleaner should avoid a collision, explosion under direct sun rain and snow during transportation. Storage: The vacuum cleaner should be stored in a well-ventilated environment with a temperature below 40 °C, no corrosive gas around, and a dry environment.

If the equipment is not working properly, please contact the authorized distributors and do not disassemble the equipment for repair.

6. Maintenance of the vacuum cleaner

In order to ensure that the vacuum cleaner works at higher efficiency, please clean the inhaled material in the filter in time (it is recommended to clean the inhaled material to about 50% of the valid volume of the filter), first disconnect the vacuum cleaner, then pull out the suction. Dust pipe, open the vacuum cleaner end cover, take out the filter, pour the inhalation in the filter from the suction hole, use the vibration or air blowing method to clean the inhalation of the filter surface, reload the filter and use it repeatedly. . If the filter has reached the end of its life, it is recommended to replace it with a new one. Be careful not to damage the filter element surface when cleaning or installing the filter.

7. Accessories






Power cable


short nozzle, brush, long nozzle

Dust pipe


Dust pipe Anti-static gloves Hose


8. Quality assurance

 3 months of warranty for Motor and the filters, 6 months for the other parts if it’s not intentional damage

9. Certificate of conformity

 Refer to Qualified Certificate

10. Warranty card

Refer to Warranty Card

Thank you for choosing our products! Regarding the vacuum cleaners for special applications, please contact your supplier or contact us directly for more information. 

Zhuhai Haoyinbao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd.

Vacuum cleaner quality warranty card

1. The equipment shall be subject to the following commitments to the customer from the date of sale.

motor, filter-free warranty for three months, other parts free warranty for six months.

The following conditions are not covered by the free warranty:

The user does not follow the instructions for proper operation, using, maintenance, or personal replacement of  the parts to cause damage;

Damage caused by accidental or human factors (including self-modification, mishandling, handling transportation, bumping, improper input voltage, etc.):

Damage caused by force majeure (such as earthquakes or fires) caused by natural disasters.

The company provides lifetime maintenance service for the product, and the expenses incurred out of the warranty period are borne by the user.

2.Please keep the purchase Invoice, receipt and warranty card properly. In case you lose it, you will not be able to call for the free service. The repair from manufacturers will be charged for service fees. Please show the valid warranty card and purchase Invoice, receipt.

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