Female employees in HYB celebrate International Women's day
Female employees in HYB celebrate International Women's day

To celebrate the International Women’s day, HYB marketing team made an interview with several outstanding women employees in HYB. Let’s see what they have got to share about HYB. 


Q: What’s your post in HYB?
A: I have been working in HYB as the HR manager for 4 years.
Q: How much do you feel that HYB care about the Women employees?
A: We always can feel the concern and care from the company, for example women employees in HYB regularly receive special gifts in those important days and celebration. We can get timely answers to our request and this means a lot for us to get respected. Most importantly, any women employees achieve their great progress in their job, the company will reward them and encourage them to reach higher success. 

A: I have been working in HYB as the Overseas sales manager for more than 7 years.
Q: As a female employee, to what extent do you think your opinions have been taken into consideration in company strategy?
A: I think employees' suggestions help decision-makers to improve the quality of decision-making regardless of they comes from men or women while most of the decision-makers don't easily take or consider the appropriate adoption strategy, that is to say, they underestimate the effectiveness of average strategy and choose the self-centered weighted strategy. HYB respects our suggestion and ideas even if it's a small one, the leaders will listen to us and took note for further discussion. Whatever this suggestion comes from female employees or male, we appreciate HYB for providing such a channel for us to speak freely and make more efforts for the  company future.

Q: What’s your post in HYB?
A: I have been working in HYB as the Purchase manager for more than 9 years.
Q: Do you have a story to share about how HYB treat Women employees’ ideas seriously and use them to optimize the companies’ culture? 
A: The department leaders and even the company owner will communicate with the employees regularly in order to exchange the latest opinions. Our ideas have been collected and carefully examined. We have been in many cases to solve problems together with our ideas and proposal so as to achieve the goal of common progress.

In HYB, we offer the workplace engaging to female employees by developing an inclusive culture, 
implementing HR significant practices and recognizing and addressing issues of importance. 
These are only 3 of the countless examples who have been working in HYB for many years and are 
pleased to have their achievement here. For a global company like HYB, it’s important to keep an 
environment where employees get encouraged and have no fear to express their constructive ideas 
as we look forward to reach higher success with all of our employees.

There is an occupation of 58% female employees in HYB and they are playing very important 
roles in the company. Happy Women's day!