HYB New Release HYB-SH-BP-GT30 Toner Cartridge
HYB New Release HYB-SH-BP-GT30 Toner Cartridge

HYB announced their new compatible Toner Cartridges HYB-SH-BP-GT30 for use in SHARP BP 30C25. In order to satisfy our customers, whose customers are mostly composed of dealers and having a high expectation when they compare our toner with Original ones. HYB has been serving distributors and dealers with premium quality toner, developer and drum units for a seamless replacement after O.E.M Product. That’s why it’s so important for HYB to develop new items and assure our distributors are in the 1st place to carry a full range of latest and quality assured products. To make sure of supplying the performance equivalent products with the O.E.M, HYB always run systematic testing under different conditions with collection of data.

The proven quality 
SHARP BP 30C25 Toner Cartridge has been tested compatibility and reverse compatibility in their LAB and by their customers. In a long term observation to the developer status, there was no abnormal decline in life of the developer like other non-O.E.M. toner. The Black toner gives an estimated capacity of 20K pages and the Color toner cartridges were estimated to have 15K pages of capacity under ISO 5% test patent. More products are getting approved to be released in the next 2 weeks and we are ready to supply new products to our customers to complete their one-stop shop copier products' catalog.