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HYB annuncia il loro nuovo distributore esclusivo in Italia

I paesi dell’Unione Europea e Regno Unito sono stati I mercati più important per HYB negli ultimi 8 anni. Il volume di vendita di toner e cartucce per fotocopiatori HYB venduti in Europa e Regno Unito, ha raggiunto quota 16 milioni di dollari l’anno. La maggior parte dei prodotti sono venduti con packaging neutro o etichette personalizzate a richiesta del cliente, ma anche così la reputazione sul mercato del prodotto HYB in termini di alta qualità si è diffusa in maniera molto veloce tanto che più clienti hanno iniziato a pensare che potrebbe essere un’idea redditizia distribuire i prodotti a marchio HYB a lungo termine.

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HYB training day

“One of the advantages we get from HYB when we order from them is their technical supports and service. Their professional understanding and supports upon copier supplies and parts really make our sales dramatically differently from other wholesalers who are selling tons of laser cartridges.” It is not just Stephen Tailor, one of the HYB customers in United States who mentioned this.

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The “Outward bound” day

30th of June, a perfect awesome sunny day when the HYB employees were organized to have the “Outward bound” training. It is an occasion when all employees regardless of positions, genders, ages and there is only one ultimate goal for them – to win and to experience.

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REMAN Drum Units for Konica® Minolta® Available in HYB

A series of remanufactured Drum Cartridges released by HYB The continuous engineering and development is the working princeple of HYB. In the past 5 years, Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumable Company (hereinafter HYB) has been devoting themselves in development with a big demand from existing customers, distributors for a stable quality Drum cartridges. Finally HYB is ready to announce their remanufactured Drum Cartridges (Units) as replacment to several machines in Konica® Minolta®.

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