Copier and human health

2017-08-25 09:57:09

Copier and human health

With the continuous improvement of office automation, copiers have become a common office equipment, people access to copiers and copy products are also more and more opportunities, but their impact on human health has not yet attracted enough attention, and sometimes we physically Inexplicable discomfort is bitten by it, and we are still unaware of it. According to foreign research reports, electrostatic copier on human health have the following aspects:
(1) the most widely used is a carbon copier, it uses the developer powder dry and wet two. The dry developing powder is made of premium carbon black, in which the cyclic aromatic hydrocarbon has a carcinogenic effect. But the carbon black polymer material is miscible and then wrapped up, so in the copy process, the dry developer rarely decomposed, very stable. Scientists have found that the developer contains trace nitro-pyrene, nitro-pyrene has the ability to change the normal structure of the chromosome, because it will lead to tumor. After technological improvements, the content of nitrofen in dry powder is now greatly reduced, and its carcinogenic effect has not been detected by conventional methods. The wet developer powder disperses the carbon black in the hydrocarbon solvent and the aliphatic hydrocarbon containing 10 to 20 carbon atoms contributes to the growth of the tumor. Due to the low boiling point of the hydrocarbons used and volatile, poor ventilation will cause long-term exposure hazards.

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(2) carbon-free copier development materials are highly irritating, can cause skin, eyes, respiratory and nervous system and other aspects of the disease. In addition, carbonless copying can also release some substances that may be carcinogenic during the copying process.

(3) in the copier work, due to static electricity to make the copy room with a certain amount of ozone. Ozone has a strong oxidative effect. November 1988, the Japanese National Institute of Public Health published survey results show that in the frequent use of copiers where the ozone concentration is sufficient to harm the human body. Through the monitoring of some office and public libraries using copiers, it was found that the ozone concentration was 0.12 mg / l at 0.5 m from the copier. These ozone is produced by the chemical reaction of the parts with high voltage in the copier and air. Ozone has a high oxidation, nitrogen can be nitrogen oxides, the human respiratory tract has a strong irritation. Ozone than the major, slow flow, coupled with the copy room due to dust and poor ventilation, easily lead to the copier operator "copier syndrome." The main symptoms are oral throat dry noise, chest tightness, cough, dizziness, headache, vision loss, etc. If the ozone and nitrogen compounds long stay in the lungs can also cause toxic emphysema, and at the same time lead to neurological diseases and symptoms. And the toner from the electrostatic inhalation of the human body is also harmful to health. In addition, the skin allergies of certain copier operators may also be associated with contamination of the contact paper because the copy paper contains some special ingredients and produces paper dust during the copying process.

(4) the light produced by the copier will damage the eyes.

Preventing the health of the copier is not difficult, as long as the following points you can rest assured that the use of this effective office to improve office efficiency is a good helper. First of all, you must ensure that the copy room ventilation is good, if the room does not have ventilation conditions should be installed exhaust fan or exhaust pipe, so that indoor ozone and nitrogen oxide in a timely manner to the outdoor to ensure that the indoor air fresh; Large room should be installed dust removal equipment to reduce dust; and the operator should be working for a period of time to the outdoor breathable breath for a moment. Second, in the copier work process must be covered in the above version of the plate to reduce the excitement of light on the eyes. Third, to regularly clean the copier, carefully remove the waste ink cartridge, to prevent the toner filled in the air too much by the body inhalation. Clean the developer powder should use alcohol, do not use benzene solvent. Finally, but also to remind each day to deal with the copier OL every time you use the copier must wash your hands in time to eliminate the hands of residual dust on the human body damage. The copier operator should also increase the intake of vitamin E to protect the cell biofilm from nitrogen oxide damage. In addition, there are respiratory diseases and insomnia, dizziness and pregnant women, it is best not to engage in the operation of the copier.

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