Copier used to produce problems and solutions

2017-09-07 16:44:58

In the process of using the copier will have a lot of problems, to your work a lot of inconvenience. According to our previous experience, to the possible problems to describe you and give a solution to your reference, hoping to lift some of your work in the trouble.

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Phenomenon 1: copy of the fold
This is due to the tipping of the paper, resulting in the paper during the fixing process of serious deformation of paper.
Solution: Replace a new copy of the paper. How much to take the copy paper, do not open the packaging too soon.


Phenomenon 2: A copy of the surface of the water ripple ink
This phenomenon occurred in the Canon copier, mainly due to the growth of the roller, the toner in the development process can not be normal development.


Phenomenon 3: Copier local white
This is due to the photocopiers on the surface of the photosensitive drum condensation, so that the drum surface can not be charged with toner, so the copy can not be developed locally.


Phenomenon 4: boot copy all white phenomenon
This is due to the transfer process during the transfer of the separation of the electrode wire leakage, the toner can not be transferred from the photosensitive drum to the copy paper on the reason.
Solution: boot up half an hour after use, such as still can not solve the call should be maintenance personnel.


Routine maintenance methods:
• Paper moisture: Keep the paper dry and place a box of desiccant in the copier tray to keep the paper dry. After the daily use of copy paper should be wrapped copy paper, put in a dry cabinet. Use the copy paper every time to avoid the remaining.
· Power: After work off every day, turn off the copier switch, do not unplug the power plug, so that the copier to keep dry at night.
· Rainy weather: in the case of rainy weather, pay attention to the moisture of the copier. During the day to start to keep dry, the evening to prevent moisture into the machine.
* External environment: placed copier, the machine placed in a dry place, to stay away from drinking fountains, mineral springs, water. In this way, it is possible to prevent malfunction due to indoor humidity.
Ventilation: In the larger room, to maintain ventilation, to reduce the humidity inside, can prevent anti-cardboard, printed parts unclear and other issues.
Preheat drying: After work every morning, turn on the copier to warm up to the inside of the dryer.


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