Different inkjet heads are combined to provide an effective color digital printing system

2017-08-07 15:44:54

Advantages of Continuous Inkjet Two-position deflection continuous inkjet technology makes the game of angel equipment with other inkjet, non-contact printing equipment, different characteristics. Ultrahigh speed. Special nozzle array and high operating frequency, so that the tournament digital inkjet printer called the world's fastest digital presses. Highly portable. Small nozzles can be easily installed on the customer's existing press or transmission system, the nozzle size is small, suitable for installation on existing equipment with a variety of printing process "online printing." The angel's inkjet heads have been successfully integrated in a variety of paper processing systems, including: gutter, mail system, web processing system, etc., to provide them with anytime, anywhere image printing.
Variable text and image printing. The choice of ink droplets is directly controlled by the electronic system, and the game and the high-performance controller can be used to achieve 10y0r transform of page text and image during high-speed printing. Multi-function. Water-based inks can be printed on plain paper, cardboard and other porous surfaces. Solvent ink can be printed on non-porous surface materials, such as plastic, glass, metal cans and so on.
Highly reliable. The overall structure of the nozzle is simple, there is no moving parts, no need to adjust and preheat. Na color printing. With a few different ink nozzle combination, you can provide a simple and effective color digital printing system. Low operating costs. The cost of water-based inks is much lower than the cost of other printing processes. In mass printing, the two-position continuous continuous inkjet technology has low operating costs for color printing, field printing and monochrome printing capabilities.


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