HYB Copier Consumables Publish New Products and Technical Updates in Ukraine

2019-07-29 14:17:45


HYB Copier Consumables Publish New Products and Technical Updates in Ukraine.HYB has been very important for the industry especially for their identity of “Leading Manufacturer for Copier Consumables”. The Experienced Marketing and Technical Experts in HYB have been often invited in the critical EXPO, Activities as important Speakers to share their news and products, which gives very positive devotion to the Industry. 



During the Roadshow in Ukraine in July, HYB marketing manager was nominated to announce new products, production technique in the show which attracts several key players in the Ukrainian market to the presentation. The customers and local industrial experts concern about the trend of Copier Consumables and development process of HYB.



HYB is confident to share with their customers about how to differentiate their own products with premium quality and win a better market place together.


Local customers are excited to know the business principle of HYB as well as delighted to know that HYB started their own production of Remanufactured Copier Drum Units. Some customers were eager to get more information and products specification from HYB and integrate this product into their catalogue.


Taking the advantage from China’s “ Belt and the Road” policy, HYB is bringing their high quality products, constructive business proposal to Global customers which leads to a WIN-WIN situation for both.(http://www.copiertonerpro.com/)


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