HYB extra service for customers who look for quality copier consumables

2019-01-09 10:14:32

In the past 3 years, the trend of market price for laser toner cartridge has touched the bottom of cost for the laser toner cartridge manufacturers. Some of them have been looking for the opportunities of profitable products by covering more products into their business.



This is the reason why we start to see those traditional print cartridge suppliers start to supply Photocopier imaging supplies. Unfortunately this “convenience” cause some damage of business to customers who thought that they can order all products from one-stop.

When some new customers came to HYB account managers, their regretful experience and loss of reputation have made them realized that fact that they should come to professional manufacturers such as HYB for products they need for copiers. The worries left in their mind is the much smaller volume of shipment for copier toner cartridges will cause a higher logistic cost-sharing into each toner compared with their full container shipment done with printer cartridges. With some very successful experiences and procedures set-up, now HYB has available service provided to customers who need consolidated shipment with their other suppliers.


As long as the suppliers are familiar with export procedures and able to offer loading supports, HYB will be able to deliver the copeir cartridges order to them and combine their legal export documents to ship together with other suppliers based on one Bill of Lading. The customers only pay “peanuts” to enjoy the service and the benefit they will get is that they order all the products from the manufacturers who are good at them.

Such a Win-Win situation!!

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