HYB wins Government Tenders in Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei and Hunan

2019-06-21 09:34:18

The Government Tenders in China have been playing very important roles especially related to higher level executive operation departments. It’s also an sign that shows the preference of Sourcing center of Government according to their experience of usage in relevant acquired products. For the manufacturer who attend the Tenders, it is a big challenge.



HYB has been supply copier imaging supplies to the Global market with products that gives high performance to replace the Genuine supplies. The occupation in the market and satisfaction from the customers glow the reputation of HYB brand and known by the Sourcing Centers of the Government office. Since HYB entered the Government Tenders, they have been selected for Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei, Hunan Governments for their choice in copier imaging supplies.



HYB market themselves as the leading supplier for the products with their specialty and their devotion in high quality toner cartridges in copiers will boost the sustainable development in ECO-IMAGING supplies in the After Market.


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