Strategic partnership between HYB and HG

2018-06-04 15:54:48

Handan Hanguang OA Toner Co.,Ltd ( hereinafter HG ) and Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter HYB ) have recently confirmed their Strategic partnership in bonding of their distribution channels and products.




At the first stage, HG has published that HYB as the authorized distributor and the toner sold via HYB to overseas are genuine toner manufactured by Handan Hanguang OA Toner Co.,Ltd. with same quality standard and will be covered with same quality guarantee by Handan Hanguang OA Toner Co.,Ltd.


Handan Hanguang OA Toner Co.,Ltd is the largest bulk toner manufacturer for laser printers and the factory is equiped with Germany conventonal toner production lines which carries output of 13000 tons per year. As a supplier of one of the finest and most stable toner in the world, HG toner is recognized by the worldwide leading distributors and uers.


The partnership set a precedent in the industry as the first time there are laser toner manufacturer leader cooperated with the reputable provider and manufacturer of copier consumables and spare parts. We all expect that there will be further actions taken from them and this “Union” will create some positive changes to the industry.


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