The reasonable use of inkjet ink

2017-07-20 10:18:09

In the current era of high-speed development of the marking industry, clean inkjet printer supplies become the main user needs, in order to allow users to better experience the advantages of the use of imported inkjet printer today, Jilin Weiker and We talk about inkjet printer and supplies those things, for inkjet ink, we should be quite familiar with the daily inkjet printer in the use and maintenance process, we are inseparable from the inkjet printer supplies is the use of ink and solvents , In the use and processing, we need to pay attention to what things can make our work more smoothly, Pen Maji run more stable?
According to inkjet ink characteristics to rational use
Import inkjet printer supplies ink generally have a high viscosity and easy to solidify the characteristics. In the daily work of the operation if we are abnormal shutdown or long-term shutdown, not careful disposal, it may encounter nozzle nozzle and recovery tank is solidified ink blockage, then often need to repair the staff on-site debugging and dredge, if the treatment is not Timely and may even lead to the value of thousands of dollars on the nozzle scrapped, the consequences are very serious. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the following operation in the following points, to ensure that we inkjet printer ink normal flow and inkjet printer stability and efficient work.
First, wear protective equipment, such as protective glasses and masks, gloves, etc., if the solvent and ink accidentally splashed into the eyes, immediately wash your eyes with water for at least 10 minutes.
Second, in the long time downtime or routine maintenance cleaning, pay attention to the inkjet printer is in the state of the printer to switch to the state or stop printing, and then gently blow dry with a balloon and then return to the printing state, to prevent error occured. Be careful not to blow ink lines.
Third, away from the fire, do not smoke in the vicinity of the printer or use the fire. Ink and solvent used in inkjet printers are flammable substances.
Fourth, you can freely move the inkjet printer. When we need to carry the inkjet printer, or adjust the printing position, mainly to maintain the level of the fuselage and nozzle protection, to prevent leakage of ink and damage the nozzle.
5, when the inkjet printer is disabled, press the shutdown key to stop, and then check the nozzle is clean. If the nozzle is not clean, can be used to clean the solvent, and then shut down, so that we can effectively guarantee the stability of the next switch machine.
Sixth, according to the principle of inkjet printer, inkjet printer body should be reliable grounding, can find the corresponding equipment department of the Department of electrical installation after the pen or universal meter to confirm the measurement.
Inkjet printer ink is a chemical wastewater treatment
Inkjet printer ink and inkjet printer solvents are hazardous chemicals, with flammable, corrosive, irritating odor and other characteristics, so we clean the cleaning agent or solvent waste or waste liquid must be a reasonable treatment and Distribution, in line with environmental protection

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