What is the difference between toner and iron powder in copier?

2017-07-17 11:43:44

The imaging system is divided into two types: one-component and two-component. The so-called single component refers to the developer only the toner does not exist carrier (iron), this imaging method in years of experience in maintenance, the effect is significantly better than the effect of two components. And more than 95% of the printers are using a one-component way of imaging, more than 70% of the copy using two-component approach, so you play and copy the effect will be a certain difference, which is one.
Second, the one-component printer in the use of powder after the effect is still able to maintain the same with the original toner is not much difference. And the copy of the handwriting is not shiny or convex, it is likely to use the domestic toner (substitutes) and lead to, that is, toner quality problems. Two-component machine on the toner requirements are relatively high. If you really need what you said with a copier copy, and from the printer output, then you have to look at the specific model and printer models, and some copiers with scanning function (normally optional) to copy the printer, and then print the printer, This method does not know whether it is feasible. Really no, with the scanner had no choice.
Another one-component and two-component toner is quite different, so still depends on the model, if the toner GM probability is greater. If not, please cautious, otherwise the copier's "carrier" may have to be reimbursed.

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