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color laser toner kyocera toner 

2018-02-25 10:24:25
color laser toner
color laser toner
 kyocera toner 
 kyocera toner 
color laser toner       kyocera toner 
color laser toner kyocera toner 

 color laser toner Manufacturer Description True or False Toner Recognition Method
Toner cartridges on the market a lot, but not all cartridges are true. Some unscrupulous traders sell counterfeit cartridges for high profits. If we buy such cartridges, we not only lose money but also affect our work. All we must know how to identify the authenticity of the cartridge. In order to let everyone be able to buy the cartridge at ease we like the manufacturer to consult the true and false points distinguish cartridge for reference home.
Look rough packaging
Original cartridge packaging printing quality, bright colors. The print quality of counterfeit products is rough, the images are blurred, the colors are gloomy, and the packaging has traces of imitation, some of which are still inconsistent with the outside.
Look at the connection
The use of old original drum powder to impersonate a new drum sales must be connected parts of the action, if there is "red" signs or screws blue hair layer (that is, black heat treatment layer) is destroyed, it is likely to be recycled.
Scan the surface
Drum powder drum after their own rough surface, there are obvious scratches, the amount of scratches and the use of toner is proportional to the frequency, the original new drum is impossible to have any scratches.
testing on the spot
The new original cartridge print out the image, the text is not only delicate, clear, and the original drum cartridge adhesion is particularly good, print on the paper look carefully to highlight the paper feel. The counterfeit toner cartridges or self-filled toner cartridges fill the toner by different quality, and the original drum effect is different than ever.
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