OPC DRUM MITSUBISHI FOR KONICA MINOLTA Di1810/2510/3010/ 3510/250/251/350/351 A15

OPC DRUM MITSUBISHI FOR KONICA MINOLTA Di1810/2510/3010/3510/250/251/350/351 A15


In a laser printer or copier, image is formed by the toner that adheres to the OPC (organic photoconductor) drum. First, the OPC drum is charged, then a laser light is exposed on imaging area of the drum to discharge the surface potential.  An image is formed on the OPC drum by toner adhering to the drum surface due to the difference in the electrical potential.  OPC drum is thus a critical part of a laser printer or copier.

Mitsubishi Chemical is the world's No.1 specialized supplier of OPC drums with its strength in processing technology.

They have earned an excellent reputation in the market as a reliable supplier of high-quality OPC drums with robust products line-up.

HYB is honored to carry the products directly imported from Japan. 

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