toner and cartridge reset printer cartridge

Toner cartridges MP 601 Sp5300dn, Sp5310dn, Mp501spf, Mp601spf

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HYB-F-KY057 ■ TK 5230 K ECOSYS P5021cdn/P5021cdw/M5521cdn/M5521cdw
HYB-F-KY058 ■ TK 5230  C
HYB-F-KY059 ■ TK 5230  M
HYB-F-KY060 ■ TK 5230  Y
toner and cartridge
toner and cartridge
reset printer cartridge
reset printer cartridge
toner and cartridge  reset printer cartridge
toner and cartridge reset printer cartridge

Toner and cartridge manufacturer tells you how to identify toner cartridges
Cartridges, toners, and cartridges have always been consumables in printers. The reason why it is consumables is mainly due to its rapid loss and large application, but it is indispensable. A toner cartridge is a type of consumable that is used in laser printers. It consists of a basic substrate made of aluminum, and a photosensitive material on the substrate. The original cartridges on the general market are expensive, which gives offensive opportunities to manufacturers of counterfeit cartridges, making counterfeit products available throughout the market. It also creates a certain degree of difficulty for the consumer's normal purchase. The toner cartridge manufacturer reminds consumers to purchase toner cartridges properly and guard against counterfeiting. How can we distinguish counterfeit cartridges like fire? Let's take a look together!
The difference between the outer packagings: The original cartridges are beautifully printed on the outer packaging. Because the serial number on the back is printed using special techniques, the background will have a rectangular offset printing frame. The serial number of the counterfeit products generally has no offset marks. HP's original cartridge will also have a laser anti-counterfeit label on the outer box.
The difference in interior decoration: The electrostatic packaging bag of the original product is thick and not brittle, and its surface is smooth and clean, without resizing, continuation, or sealing. The electrostatic packaging bags of counterfeit cartridges are thin and brittle, and the entire packaging surface is not smooth and flat. Some counterfeit products often have the problem of continuation and resealing at the sealing area.
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