Demand of products good for “home offices”

2020-03-30 13:30:13

Many companies are following the #homeoffices policy during the outbreak period of COVID-19. It's good to create a good conditioned working environment where there is a #printer set up especially when you are working from home. Although it is claimed by some experts that Ozone from printers, copiers are quite harmless as long as advisable not to place the laser printers very close to the working area, working area of different countries, applications are various enough to bring up our attention. But when you are working from home, hardly you can keep in distance from the printers and they could be still old models which created the Ozone more than we expected.

How can we minimize our cost and optimize the working environment of our office staff?

HYB is not only known as the leading manufacturer of Copier consumables but also the frontier of developing products that improve staff who use the office equipment and technicians in the remanufacturing process.

The consistent Research and Development leads to better products that are good for our customers and distributors. The health of users are always into our consideration and this was the basis to design products that are practical as well as user-friendly.

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