HYB Interview with Information Agency «Business-Inform»

2020-03-19 13:43:22

Vincent Chen (President of HYB GROUP.) answered the questions of Information Agency «Business-Inform» after winning the Open Print Contest Stage 2. (22.01.2020|Business-Inform)

The cartridge that your company has presented

for “Open Quality Printing Contest”

(Stage 2 “Evaluation of Cartridge Printing

Quality”) became one of the best 3 entering

the ranks of the Winners. Please answer the

following 5 questions:

This cartridge is a remanufactured.

Why is it that youve presented a remanufactured

cartridge for the contest? Do you

consider remanufactured cartridges to be

of higher quality than NBC ones? Or are

there other reasons (environment, patents,


We can’t totally agree that remanufactured cartridges always perform better in terms of quality than the NBCs but particularly for this item, we have tried different configurations and the current remanufactured ones are better than NBCs.


Is this a mass-produced cartridge or was it made especially for the contest? Does your company have any preferences in choosing components (toners, drums) for quality cartridges?


Honestly speaking this is an item from

our premium line but its not in the category

of our main sale items anymore. The manufacture

specialty of HYB is known as Bulk

toner and Copier toner cartridges. Since

2018 we opened our Remanufactured Production

line for Drum Units and Fuser Units;

this is why we decided to try on a few cartridge

items based on our strengths in Research

and Development. Our remanufactured

technical team is composed of leading

technical professionals who have been

working in well-known remanufactured

companies for more than 10 years so we

have our own methods in selection of material

that perform with the quality we required.

We dont have any preferences with

suppliers or preferences with components. HYB IQC system for raw material followsBlind Test methods, and this is important for us (our Quality Control Professionals) to select and identify the best material without knowing the resources, names of suppliers and reputation. We only seek for the result and data first; and that’s why lots of toner, spare parts producers keep sending their samples to us for a quality judgment.

Is your company ready to supply the same (in terms of quality) or similar cartridges on the Russian market? What is the approximate price of your contest cartridge?

As mentioned in the last question, the laser cartridges are not our main business and so we are not ready to sell massive quantity of CF226X (due to limited collection quantity) but we are ready and will carry on with the sales of premium toner cartridges with same quality standard as submission in contest in any other Copier Toner cartridge models.


What is the share of quality cartridges in your supply-volume? In your opinion, what are the perspectives for quality cartridges on the Russian market for the next 2-3 years?

HYB has been supplying Premium toner cartridges and bulk toner and we dont actually have second line on the Global or Russian markets. Premium Toner cartridges occupy more than 58% of our total supply-volume not because of quality but because of product range. According to the data we’ve collected from our sales in Russian market, the sales of our Kyocera Canon and Sharp toner cartridges grew significantly and other A3 toner cartridges like Xerox, Konica Minolta, and Ricoh etc. are also growing gradually. Distributors in Russia tend more to look for manufacturers with specialty instead of getting all the cartridges regardless of quality standard from one place  their laser cartridges supplier. From the increase of Sales in our bulk toner, we also get a conclusion that the high quality (higher price) toner for remanufacturing business is needed and the demand increased stably.


How does your company provide/ control the quality of manufactured/sold cartridges?

We are glad that the quality control process and methods are more concerned now. HYB manufactures bulk toner but at the same time we are a large importer of bulk toner to resell or fill into our cartridges (depends on approval of the formulas). The focus on quality of toner is what we have accumulated to gain trust from our customers and distributors in the past 21 years. We have been open to receive latest formulas of diff erent suppliers included our own production, but we set up a strict barrier in identification of quality of the toner we received since we’d set up Research and Development team. The current fleet in our Testing Laboratory includes A3 copiers, A3/A4 Mfps and printers, reaching a total of a thousand pieces. We keep information sourcing from our customers who get fi rst hand information of New Release and keep collecting latest machine models to install in our Laboratory in order to make sure of the on bench testing will be run always with all conditions necessary. Besides this, we have our own chemical laboratory and measurement equipment to test the material we are using from others. The other advantage HYB has is that more than 90% of the cartridges for NBCs are manufactured by ourselves and we have control points from development to production and FQC. For those items for which we are not able to ensure a good quality as NBC cartridges, we simply remanufacture OEM empty cartridges. The systematic control from raw material, components to finished products are under management of our own technical, quality control professionals so we dont just count on others or suppliers. Furthermore, our tracking system always enables us to have a way to find out the batch of components, toner, and the chips and being able to offer technical service once there are any issues from our customers. All these actions we have been taking are extra protection to our customers.


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