HYB Special Care For Their Overseas Workmates

2020-03-24 11:52:51

Since the past weeks, the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 spread to worldwide and declared as PANDEMIC by World Health Organization (WHO) See number breakdown by countries. The governments from different Nations are taking different actions against the spreading of COVID-19. 

HYB Headquarter; in order to ensure the safety of their employees all over the world, started to promote internally their tips and prevention methods to their Overseas workmates. Besides the strict implementation of “Home Office” policy, the company also shared some experience from the actions taken in China with their colleagues outside of China. The HYB Headquarter also suggest the Overseas workmates to make the instruction into local languages of the customers such as Spanish, French, Portuguese so that the information can be delivered to their customers. 

HYB also suggest some tips for “Home Office” mode and details of how “Social Distancing” were done in China with them so as our workmates and their customers will follow Biological clock with creation of efficiency just as they were in the office. 

HYB do care about their employees and do all necessary for the company to protect their members as well as constructive advises to family of their employees. HYB also arranged International parcel delivery with protection tools like surgical masks, gloves to their staff in different countries to enable them to go through this difficult period. http://www.copiertonerpro.com

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