HYB support their partners

2020-03-31 15:04:02

Since the past weeks, the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 spread to globe and declared as PANDEMIC by World Health Organization (WHO). The governments from different Nations are taking different levels of actions against the spreading of COVID-19. The best way for normal residents to fight against the spreading of COVID-19 seems to be “Staying at home” “Social Distancing” and “Least Frequency of Purchase”. 

The management of HYB has been engaged in making donation to Hubei Medical Facilities via their Private donation channels such as Red CROSS, Local Branch of Communists Party Members Committees. As it has been witnessed, the peak of the current outbreak of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 in China is over. The company implement an Action Plan with the Sales Professionals to retain communication with their customers and offer extra supports during this challenging period. http://www.copiertonerpro.com

Some of the customers reported their difficulty in buying specific protection products for their elder staff, family who have necessity to have body check in the hospital, HYB organized a special program to deliver Health Care Kit from China by Air in order to support customers’ emergent needs. We call for the customers to stay united and keep close connection with dealers for being notified with opportunities when the market resume to be normal. COVID-19 is a common enemy we all need to fight with and it's really a tough period for all of us to go through. But we believe that when the situation passed, opportunities are left to those who are well prepared for their customers. It's important we retained the communication with our customers expressing our gratitude and offer them some practical methods to enable them to work back into normal as soon as possible.




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