Solution of HYB Toner Cartridges Regarding IMC Machine Firmware Update

2020-04-23 16:28:36

It is reported that Ricoh new auto-update with identifier 2.27.1 will affects the Ricoh IMC series machines such as IMC 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4500 and 6000. Not proved yet but may even cause the same influence to IMC 510.


With Research and Development, HYB has announced their solution for the toner cartridges manufactured by themselves for use in mentioned machine models. The dedicated solution will avoid failure caused to their customers after new firmware updated. With this latest update installed on Ricoh devices, the Japanese OEM will be able to verify the region code on the toner cartridge chip and if it does not match with the machine, it will automatically block the device and all its functions. Even though toner and the region of its machines are identified, with HYB toner cartridges there will be no issues with functions as their products will be recognized as European version.


 The proven quality HYB-RH-MPC501 has been tested compatibility and reverse compatibility in their LAB and by their customers. The Black toner gives an estimated capacity of 14.5K pages and the Color toner cartridges were estimated to have 13K pages of capacity under ISO 5%.

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