Analysis on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ink Jet Printing Consumables

2017-08-14 12:21:44

With the increasing price of inkjet printers, it has entered the tens of thousands of households, due to the use of a wide range, whether it is business, or SOHO, the family can be seen everywhere. But the "needle is not two benefits", it is cheap but the use of high cost, especially the daily print volume of large users, such as advertising design, digital printing companies, construction industry, due to the higher frequency, ink supplies The cost is not a small number. AOpen printing supplies manufacturers to spotted the market demand, a few years ago to the market for inkjet printers designed for continuous ink supply system.

For the user, in the supplies on the money is tantamount to make money. Even for it to have the advantage of carrying a large amount of ink, with the original supplies of the capacity is simply not comparable. Some users have a rough calculation, a set of ink for the loading, including the ink, including the capacity of the equivalent of 20 sets of original ink cartridges. And then each original ink cartridges 100 yuan calculation, buy a set of even the price is equivalent to buy the original price of 2,000 yuan cartridge. Users in the use of even for the time, just buy ink can be filled at any time outside the printer, very convenient. The overall cost of doing so, less than 10% of the original cartridge, compared with compatible ink cartridges are less than 25%. Such a number of a down, is indeed a lot of users whom the move.

The quality of the print quality depends to some extent on the printer itself, from the current inkjet printer technology has been developed to mature stage, whether it is home-based inkjet printers or professional photo printers, and in recent years the rise of commercial Inkjet printers, these products appear to meet the needs of users in all areas of the print. And even for the replacement of ink cartridges, not only save money can save a process, the operation is more simple.

Even in the professional large format inkjet printer products, almost all have the corresponding even for the supply. And even for its own production process and not much technical content, therefore, it gradually become universal, and now as long as you go to the store to see, many businesses are selling even for the mainstream products even more to say.

Print head is the most critical components of inkjet printers, the use of a long time is very easy to plug the phenomenon, but also relatively easy to damage the parts. For the print head, each vendor has a different "treatment", HP, Canon's most inkjet products are the printer head integrated in the cartridge, so that the print head becomes consumables, replace the cartridge when replaced. And Epson put the print head design inside the machine, which is why Epson's cartridges will be cheaper than the other two root causes. For the use of even supply, integrated in the printer inside the print head life is relatively long, a set of even after the installation of almost no replacement; if the use of ink cartridges and print head with the one ink cartridge, the print head is relatively easy to damage The
For even the user system can be said to be mixed, in the face of the current high cost of supplies, many users still choose the "quite risk", but in fact, as long as the original non-original supplies manufacturers to product quality and after-sales service to do In place, I believe even the supply system is also a good choice.


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