Canon Style—Consumables solutionHYB-CN-G73

2019-09-11 16:00:35

HYB lately has launched a variety of exclusive consumables products. With the healthy development of compatible consumables market, the R&D thinking pattern of HYB exclusive consumables has enjoy considerable recognition in the market. In order to satisfying the active demand of compatible consumables for global cooperation partners, HYB has got rid of the stale and brought forth the fresh over the 21 years persistently providing various replaceable exclusive products freshening new industrial height.     

HYB Exclusive Toner Cartridge- HYB-CN-G73 C-EXV53(EU)及GPR-57(US)

HYB Exclusive Toner Cartridge- HYB-CN-G73 C-EXV53(EU)and GPR-57 have been vastly recognized from overseas distributors. Through continuous management, they have been officially proved that the product possesses powerful copying capability and perfectly replaces the original one. It has became the fist product to win the area market.


image RUNNER ADVANCE 4551/ 4545/ 4535/ 4525

The item is suitable for multiple medium and low speed Canon Copiers.

1.This item is perfectly compatible to original toner. Scientific and systematic compatibility testing is the indispensable part of every on-the-market product.

2.The HYB core raw material toner are exported from Japan with particle diameter below at average 8.5, which effectively avoid possibility of the different particle harming the developer and solving the problem of OPC drum yield. Meanwhile the melting point of toner raw material is stable and suitable so the advantages of printing image quality is outstanding. 

3.Based on quota of the formula, the  HYB R&D team make multiple trials to ensure the firm fusing ability, zero grey background, toner saving output. In the all board test, HYB exclusive premium quality performs better than ever before.


4.Higher than the peer industrial products regarding the transfer rate, this exclusive item can reduce the generation of waste toner for environmental-friendly purpose. Through usage certification of multiple distributors, it can effectively decrease the usage frequency so to cut down the labor cost.


HYB Market Director says that HYB sophisticated R&D team endeavor to investigate and develop consumables in order to meet the market demand of global partners and continue to create value with premium quality products.


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