Common knowledge of ink classification

2017-04-21 17:19:36

According to the color base classification, can be divided into:
Dye-type ink - that is, dye-based ink, is currently the ink used in most inkjet printers.

Pigment-type ink is a pigment-based ink.
According to the solvent to distinguish, is divided into:

Water-based ink - water and water-soluble solvents as the main component of the dissolved color.
Oily ink ----- non-water-soluble solvent as the main component of the dissolved color base.

The above concepts are intertwined in the actual use of the process. For example, some pigment-based inks may be water-based inks or oily inks. However, water-based inks and oily inks are not allowed to be mixed in the same printhead, depending on their nature and the actual requirements of the printer. The following are the same as the "

The shelf life of the ink is generally two years, the ink preservation requirements sealed (this is the AJ ink using internal seal and external plastic box sealed double seal the reasons), to avoid direct sunlight, the temperature should not be too high or too low (normal room temperature Can be).

Second, the impact of ink printing and print head performance factors

The quality of the ink used by the printer is determined by the following factors:
☆ Viscosity and surface tension: Viscosity is the resistance of liquid flow, the liquid surface tension is related to the formation of droplets, in general, inkjet ink to have a low viscosity, high surface tension, to ensure good flow performance and Droplet morphology. The viscosity of the blue ink is: 1.0-4.0 cps (lago); 26.0-36.0 dynes / cm² (dyne / cm²)

☆ PH value is the concept of liquid pH, the solution the more acid, the lower the PH value, on the contrary, the solution alkali, the higher the PH value.

To prevent ink corrosion nozzle, PH value should generally be between 7-12. Blue color ink PH value is generally between 7.0-8.0, basically close to neutral.

☆ Conductivity: In the ink, the conductivity value is used to measure the number of metal ions a parameter, the unit for the Siemens / cm. Blue ink for 2-6.5, e generation of ink for 2-7.

☆ Dispersant: is a kind of surfactant, its role is to improve the physical properties of the ink surface, and enhance the affinity of ink and sponge, wetness. So the general through the sponge storage, conductive ink containing dispersant.

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