DATA is Game Changer of Copier Consumables

2019-09-05 11:50:56


HYB will share their Quality Concept with customers during REMAX World EXPO 2019. Some experts concern why HYB expand their influence in the market in the past 10 years to be the First Choice of 600 importers in 77 countries when they are selecting Copier Consumables. The trend of the market doesn’t seem to match the market occupation of their products. Many global customers who tried some material from China had a negative impression and really hesitate to make another attempt to Chinese Copier Consumables.



It took a long process even for HYB when they firstly got into the market even though they carry a premium toner. Patience and Data have become the very important factors for them to introduce their products. HYB implement a high standard on the quality of their products and compare each formula they apply to fill into cartridges with performance of the O.E.M. The persistence of HYB for their Quality concept eventually changed the mind of some customers and some of them has joined the Union of HYB to defend the market and say NO to the poor quality compatibles.


1.The unknown sourcing raw material for production of single-use plastic which contains "Excessive DecaBDE”. This has been very often reported to the new compatible products from several different suppliers who offered cheap toner cartridges to the market; surprisingly few of them belonged to huge size company who make revenue of 60 million + dollars per year. HYB concerns a lot about cartridges their products and is big supporter of manufacturing high quality cartridges only with safe raw material.

All material from our suppliers have to go through a series of testing especially designed for plastic products such as standard GB/T 1033, 3682, 3398, 9341, 1040, 1634, 1843 and we make sure of the index of Hexavalent Chromium, Total Bromine, Cadmium, Mercury and Pb are in line with the standard.

 2.Toner filled into cartridges that damage the life time of the spare parts in the machine sometimes even failed during printings. The competition becomes harder in the past few years to the extent that some distributors start to compete only with price because this is a faster “SHORTCUT” to reach their customer.



We all know that dealers for copier machines, toner, parts are quality oriented customers who don’t just wholesale but also offer service and charge for their service. These unqualified but cheap toner cartridges are directly adding up their expenses of labors, transportation, repairs, replacement parts. It forces some of their customers return to the O.E.M and some of them back to premium quality compatible toner such as HYB products.

More and more distributors of HYB has joined our campaign and submitted the low-end products in the market back to HYB Laboratory for comparison for a finding of their dealers how the difference on price created.



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