2019-07-16 15:56:26


It is reported that more than 30 000 pieces of virgin empty Drum cartridges have been collected and received to HYB cartridges production base in Zhuhai. The condition of virgin original drum cartridges are sorted to manufacture the O.E.M performance equivalent quality products for supplying the HYB distributors and customers in more than 77 countries. Several customers have deposed and reserved their order quantity to make sure that the supply to them will be stable.


From the very first process, HYB has strict quality control on the raw material and selection of suppliers because they understand how important to combine all the details into production of PERFECTION. HYB make good use of their 21-year dedicated experience in developer of imaging supplies for copiers and implement their standard upon each process and parts that configured the products.

HYB worked with reliable suppliers for getting Genuine Fuji, Mitsubishi OPC drum to work in their A Grade Quality configuration for assuring life time of the products and minimizing service cost of their distributors.


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