First Container with HYB branded products on the way to Saudi

2019-06-03 13:42:14

HYB and their exclusive distributor IAS reached an agreement to start the partnership and distribution of products with HYB ® brand in Saudi Arabia in 2019. After more than 2 months of preparation, the first container has been loaded and shipped with estimated time of Arrival in the middle of May.

The basic structure of the printer toner cartridge is generally composed of a basic substrate made of aluminum, and the photosensitive material coated on the substrate. According to the difference of the photosensitive materials, it can be basically divided into three types: OPC drum (organic photoconductive material), toner cartridge (selenium selenium) ) and ceramic drums (a-Si ceramics). From the perspective of life, the life of the OPC drum is short, generally only about 3,000 pages, of course, the price is also the cheapest. The life of the SE drum is about 9000 pages, and the life of the a-Si drum can reach 90,000 pages. The price is naturally analogous. Climbing. In terms of composition, the general OPC drum has only three layers. The first layer is an aluminum tube, the second layer is an insulating layer, and the third layer is a photosensitive layer. The surface of the toner cartridge (selenium selenium) and ceramic drum (a-Si ceramic) is synthesized from four to five layers of material. In particular, the ceramic drum, the fourth layer is the first protective layer, the fifth layer is the second protective layer, and the fourth and fifth layers are used to protect the photosensitive layer, thereby ensuring the long life of the toner cartridge.


The HYB ® premium copier toner cartridges have gone through the systematic quality control with material made by the leading manufacturers. Our products are totally in accordance with the standard of S.A.S.O. (The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization). This will ensure the dealers of IAS to enjoy not just a qualified products but also the consistent benefit carried out from the HYB ® brand, which is known as the first choice for 600 importers in 77 countries for Copier consumables.

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