Fixing film

2017-06-19 15:10:16

Fixing film is a film of a special high temperature resistant material used for copying or printing for photocopiers or printers. Fixing is the process of fixing an unstable, erasable toner image on a paper, usually by fixing After the component has been heated, the toner is melted and then penetrated into the deep layer of the paper fiber, which is the effect of copying or printing.
working principle
When the paper passes through the printer fuser (fuser roller), the original loose toner melts and fuses with the fibers in the paper; then the fuser feeds the paper to the output tray, so you get the final print page. In addition, the fuser also heats the paper itself, which is why the paper coming out of the laser printer or photocopier is always hot.
The toner image transferred to the paper must be heated to soften the resin in the powder and securely fasten it to the paper. The Fixing film replaces the fixing roller as above.
Why use a fixing film instead of a fixing roller?
Printers are generally all day power, especially the all-in-one machine is working in 24 hours; if the use of fixed temperature of the fixed roller, power consumption, machine heat is not easy to shed. In order to reduce the warm standby time, to achieve zero start, the use of very thin film instead of fixing roller.
Fuser film is multi-layer, generally divided into three layers: forming layer, primer layer, surface coating;
Fuser film surface non-stick powder, and can be conductive, thermal conductivity.
The fixing film is a consumable part on the fuser, and it is possible to accidentally damage or worn after printing tens of thousands of sheets.

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