Focus on domestic printing supplies brand breakthrough road

2017-07-24 11:25:14

 In the office automation today, more and more printers are used in business office also led to the rapid development of another market, that is, printing supplies market. According to the relevant agencies forecast, 2008 ~ 2012, China's printing supplies market sales will maintain a growth rate of 14.2%. However, is such a large and high-speed growth of the market is well-known foreign brands, domestic brands, fake and shoddy products one-third of the world. And domestic supplies enterprises in the difficult to open up the market at the same time also suffered the original printer manufacturers crazy to suppress, can be described as in the cracks in the survival. Domestic printing supplies business future way in the end where? Which domestic enterprises in the existing domestic enterprises can provide us with useful reference?
Third of the world chaos
Printing supplies according to the production of the manufacturers are divided into two categories of original and general, but now the market in addition to these two sources of supplies, there is another kind of supplies and the two were one-third of the pattern, that is fake and shoddy Supplies! According to the survey, the current market, original supplies, general counterfeit, the proportion of the three roughly 5: 2: 3, that is, the major brands of original supplies accounted for about five percent, general supplies accounted for nearly two percent, more than three percent of the market share was fake Shoddy products occupied.
Second-hand refurbished from the hands of consumers to recover (or imported from abroad) waste ink cartridges, the ink cartridges for a simple renovation, immediately lower than the genuine price into the market, the entire renovation, including replacement packaging, scrub the ink cartridges, The process takes only 10 minutes. Although the process is very short, but it has formed a complete industrial chain, which formed a huge industry.
Fake and shoddy products flooding, a serious violation of the interests of the brand business, but also the healthy development of the market caused great harm, so fake has become HP, Canon and other important work of the manufacturers.
Reflections on General Consumables Enterprises
Because the printing supplies are highly targeted, not only the printer manufacturers are not compatible between the supplies, even with a different printer model between the printer, they are often used by the supplies can not be replaced with each other, resulting in consumers not Do not buy original supplies, forming a "forced consumption." Manufacturers and therefore continue to low-cost printers to attract consumers, but at high prices to sell printing supplies, which formed the original printer manufacturers profit model. The mainstream of the printer manufacturers rely on supplies to earn a lot of profits.
As the "cheap purchase, buy expensive", many consumers seeking to buy cheaper supplies. Such as home consumers, buy a color printer only five or six hundred dollars, print color photos, the ink will soon run out if you buy original ink cartridges, at least need to spend a hundred dollars, equivalent to buy a new printer price 1 / 5, or even 1/3, consumers feel very worthwhile, do not want to spend too much money to buy original supplies. General supplies manufacturers spotted this huge demand, targeted product development, trying to grab this part of the customer price of the market. As the home inkjet printer purchase volume soared, for the localization of supplies provides a huge market space. Through years of effort, grid of lattice, Tianwei, giant color and other brands gradually stand firm, become the dominant power supply market.
Compatibility of the general supplies to low prices continue to grab the original manufacturers of the market, which also affected the profits of the original factory. According to the relevant data analysis, before the "337" case, China has become the world's printing supplies manufacturing center, which accounted for 60% of the global output of the total, Zhuhai Naxi Da and Gree magnetic production of 90% are exported to Overseas, the original printing supplies giant Epson, HP, Canon caused a serious impact. As a result, the original manufacturers continue to apply for patent applications to protect their own interests, frequently to infringe the patent to prosecute general supplies manufacturers.
As the Chinese enterprises do not have their own perfect printer production technology, printing supplies manufacturers must be subordinate to foreign enterprises. In the information security more and more become the core strategic interests of the country today, China should have its own early **** independent printer technology, can not always be subject to Japan, the US manufacturers. Therefore, efforts to develop the printer technology has become placed in the domestic enterprises and even in front of the country a strategic task.

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