From the demand to the market to print compatible supplies change the development path

2017-07-26 11:00:11

Reference to office printing supplies, we may be the first relative is the ink cartridges, toner cartridges, ribbons, ink and toner, etc., will also think of compatible supplies and original supplies. From the current print market, the sum of old and new printers, are already 10 million user base, and these users almost every day in the use of printers, consumption of various supplies, including compatible and original supplies, it is because of this market Very large, will have more people entrepreneurs to join in the supplies industry, for the supplies industry to bring more opportunities and development.
Talking about the Early Growth of Compatible Consumables
As early as 10 years ago, when compatible supplies and no dealers and users of the recognition, but then many printer users have felt that the cost of original supplies is indeed more expensive, many users are difficult to bear such a printing cost, especially Small and medium-sized business users and home soho office users, when a drum cartridge needs hundreds of a set of black color ink cartridges also need several hundred, and sometimes a set of black color cartridge prices can catch up with even more than the cost of the printer itself , So many users feel super dissatisfied.
Original supplies "expensive" gave birth to the development of compatible supplies
In dissatisfaction, compatible supplies manufacturers found a huge business opportunities. But only compatible with the original printer and printer compatibility issues need to be further resolved. Which makes a lot of compatible supplies manufacturers began to join in the development and production of compatible supplies.
In the early compatibility of supplies, in addition to ink, toner is very cheap, the finished cartridges, ink cartridges unit price is still relatively high, but compared to original supplies, at least half of the purchase cost is reduced, because 10 years ago , Compatible ink cartridges, compatible cartridges in the large cities to promote the speed is very fast, and many supplies manufacturers also speed to obtain a considerable profit margins. And dealers in the maintenance and support of customers, but also because of compatible supplies to obtain a better development opportunities.
Dealers have their own technical strength, can help customers solve the printer and supplies a variety of fault problems, and compatible supplies in fact the relative stability is relatively poor, but the cost of compatible supplies is low, easy to accept other customers, And compatible consumables profit margins are relatively high, so many dealers are very willing to recommend compatible cartridges and cartridges for customers, to get more profit margins, and then through their own technical strength to maintain customers, both to enhance the dealer in the The client's professionalism, but also enhance the company's performance profits.
Compatible consumables manufacturers, in the early production of compatible supplies, there are still many difficulties, but because of the huge market and considerable profit margins, so that a lot of compatible supplies are persevered.
At that time the main difficulties in the performance of two aspects, on the one hand the main technology is relatively less mature, the stability of the use of the product and the quality of the above there are some differences, the other is the compatibility of the toner there is a certain distance; Aspects of the patent is the problem, the original supplies manufacturers do not want to compatible supplies manufacturers to seize their supplies market share, because the printer manufacturers in addition to buy a machine, the supplies they can earn long-term part of the profits, but also support the printer manufacturers continue to develop and develop Of the protection, if the compatible supplies completely broken original supplies manufacturers supplies, then the printer manufacturers will face the problem of survival. So the original supplies manufacturers then began to seek to hinder the development of compatible supplies approach, patent litigation is a very strong resistance.
Of course, compatible supplies manufacturers have not initiated, and continue to build their own research and development centers, research and development of their own patented supplies technology to improve and meet the needs of compatible supplies.

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