Good Indian company to become the National Printing Machinery Standards Committee member units

2017-04-07 10:47:28

December 7 National Standardization Technical Committee of Printing Machinery 2013 'annual meeting of the fifth session of the General Assembly in Sanya came to an end, Zhuhai good India Printing Supplies Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the meeting, and at the meeting was awarded to the unit, the company General Manager Mr. Chen Guisong was elected as a member. National Printing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee is China's copier supplies industry influential, large-scale and a sense of social responsibility of the well-known enterprises, on behalf of the Chinese copier supplies industry's advanced technology and social responsibility. The Sanya meeting reviewed a industry standard and launched a national standard and six line of the development of the work to discuss the five national standards. From the national standard committee, Japan JBMIA, industry experts, national office equipment quality inspection center and representatives of the Secretariat at the meeting on the national policy, copier printer latest technology trends and development trends, toner resin with the latest research, toner quality Thoroughly and PM2.5 test method research and other content to do the special report.

The meeting will discuss the results of the company's business objectives and improve the copier toner and powder of the technical indicators have a positive role in guiding, as a member of the re-bid committee, Zhuhai good printing supplies printing supplies Co., Ltd. will, as always, concerned about the industry, For the development and implementation of the industry standards to contribute their own strength; concerned about the enterprise, the customer and the company's win-win strategy to do more finely better; focus on the community, for the green environment to make more and more valuable things.

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