Great Show and harvest from Remax 2016

2016-10-24 12:57:01


We have had a great show and thanks to my team. You really impact yourself with unregretfull moments! Many Thanks to our band for a LIVE performance during the show and relax the atmosphere. You can see some shots from here.

This is the 7th time for HYB to be an exhibitor for this exhibition and most of the customers who are professional in the field of copier toner, business equipment, dealers are already familiar with our products. For us it's more like an occassion to have a reunion with our partners. 

This year, we also get to know some new customers who never worked with HYB before and because of a high compliment from our other customers they came to us and seeking for an opportunity to work with each other. This suprised me and our team didn't disappoint their expectation. During the show, we came to agreement with more than 6 customers and more than 12 air shipment/samples orders have been shipped in the last 2 weeks. We can expect a very brightful business future with HYB new customers and our regular business partners. 

The next show for HYB will be Paperworld in Frankfurt at the end of January. Even it will be held during the Chinese Lunar New year, our team will be there! see you soon. 

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