HP's innovative closed-loop cartridge recycling program

2017-03-27 12:30:07

Up to now, HP has taken this process to produce more than 200 million cartridges. Last year alone, HP used to make print cartridges of recycled plastics reached more than 500 million pounds, HP plans in 2008 will be recycled plastic consumption doubled.

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From the daily use of water bottles to high-tech HP print cartridges, HP's innovative recycling process to support the use of a variety of sources and grades of recycled plastics to produce new HP original print cartridges.

In addition to achieving a complete cycle from design to reuse, the use of recycled materials can save energy and reduce the number of landfill plastics - from the first use of the process so far, HP used to make print cartridges of recycled plastics can Filled with more than 200 tractors trailer.

"By developing this technology and using recycled plastics to produce HP original print cartridges, we can reduce the impact of our branded products on the environment," said Michael Hoffmann, senior vice president of supplies for HP's Imaging Imaging Group. "HP has a significant impact on recycling facilities The investment is finally paid off, but we know that it 's just a good start and a longer way to go.

Environmental protection and innovation to ensure that HP product quality

In the process of development, HP engineers, chemists and partners are committed to finding a new way to achieve the goal of environmental protection through the use of recycled materials at the same time, to maintain the quality and reliability of HP products to meet customers Claim.

The HP ink cartridges reclaimed through the Global Partner Program, through multi-channel processing, are broken down into materials such as plastics and metals. HP will separate the plastic from the print cartridges, mix the resin from the recovery bottle and a set of compound additives to ensure that all recycled materials meet the requirements for the production of high performance products.

The proportion of recycled materials used in the manufacture of HP print cartridges is between 70 and 100% of the total amount of plastic, but the reliability of each product and all products has been rigorously tested.

Unlike other companies' simple cartridge recycling processes, HP invented a new production process that enables recycled plastics to be brand new HP original print cartridges.

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