HYB Deepen the America Printing Consumables Market, Sharing Innovation Result

2019-06-12 11:57:20

The American Printing Consumables Fair 2019 opened in Mexico City on June 11, 2019, Mexico. In the recent years, the America printing consumables market have exploded enormous development potential with great demand. It is continuous growth trend in the printing consumables industry that the exhibition this time attracts substantial attention. As a famous enterprise in “the capital of printing consumables”, HYB- High Yield & Beneficial Toner for the Users (called HYB below) expand positively towards the global and attend the exhibition with multiple high quality products.

HYB booth attracts the exhibition visitors’ attention


The LATAM sales manager Omar is negotiating with the clients.


Omar is introducing the HYB products to the clients.


During the exhibition, HYB booth draws vast attention from all sides including Japan, Germany, the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia and Guatemala etc who are interested and eager for the cooperation with HYB. The professionals pay HYB product development routine “pixel-perfect compatibility all inclusive” extravagant compliment as well as its high cost performance which greatly stimulates the potential of HYB overseas market share.

Innovation road taken, HYB creates down-to earth achievement with innovation ability. In the past 20 years, HYB have shot the rapids and kept groping in the vicissitude of printing consumables market, which consistently launch new products to satisfy market demand with our core R&D team. The quality of HYB products, passing through IS9001: 2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Implementation Clauses of Environmental Protection Standards, ROHS, win considerable praise from the industry. In addition, HYB successfully gained China Environmental Labeling Certificate. 

   In the future, HYB will keep investing in the R&D and enhance the creativity and strength to share beautiful fruits in the printing consumables field with global cooperation partner.

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