HYB TN 328 Compatible Toner

2019-10-29 17:53:41

HYB released compatible TN 328 Toner for use in

Bizhub C250i/C300i/C360i of Konica® Minolta® machines.


Thanks to our distributors who supported us a lot in ordering the machines and O.E.M toner samples at the very beginning when the machines launched in EMEA area, we have the earlier prospect the development program than many other After Market players.


According to the analysis distribution result, HYB selected the formula carried 7.2-7.5 μm which stably performs in the machines with different requirements, coverage, colors and glossiness. The development process of every items in HYB is sophisticated in order to make the most important approval before our customers receive the new products. Moreover, many of the aftermarket toner for Konica® Minolta® Pre-Mix toner such as TN 512, TN 321 are damaging the developer units much earlier when it works with original toner. That’s why HYB has a longer period of monitoring even we already have the proper formula and configuration. More than hundred thousand pages have to be tested out with fuser, imaging units being strictly supervised.


In order to satisfy our customers, who are mostly dealers base and having a high expectation when they compare our toner with Original ones. HYB has been serving distributors and dealers with premium quality toner, developer and drum units for the copiers. More than 600 importers from 77 countries are consistently dealing with HYB to fulfill their high quality product category. We will continue to follow our principle to meet the demand from our customers.

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