HYB Training Program for their distributor

2019-12-12 14:41:31

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The Aftermarket for copier imaging supplies and spare parts are suffering a crash by various of traders, suppliers and unqualified products. The situation is quite different from the market of laser toner cartridges, where customers can identify the quality of products in a starter period when they try a failed toner.

To judge the quality of Copier consumables, dealers will take thousands of copies, or a lot more to see the consequences that caused by poor quality toner. It is a reason why Laser toner cartridges suppliers attended the market for copier consumables always started with machines such as MFPs of Kyocera® Mita®. The consumption of MPS seemed to be the last area where all the suppliers are trying to gain their profit but many companies, even the Service providers didn’t realize the cost they will pay for their Maintenance, labors and spare parts replacement from a poor quality copier toner kit.


HYB has been supplying to 600 importers in 77 countries with 32 distributors who represent HYB® and sell products under the trademarks. Our distributors were aware of the fact that HYB is not only manufacturing and selling products to them but also trying to provide them training material to affect the concepts of their Sales professionals and dealers. HYB® emphasize how important the dealers, MPS providers to be educated and identify quality ranking with a knowhow of testing methods and calculation of gross cost for application of compatible toner. It is the reason why HYB organized their technical professionals together with their marketing team to prepare some training material and videos of how HYB laboratory works to test the toner and observe the cost and lost could cause to the photocopiers in a long run.



Since 2016, HYB launched some videos related to testing methods and process done in house and this has enabled our distributors and their sales professionals to understand more to explain the details and differences of products to their dealers. This is part of the value HYB carry to their customers and distributors. It is also showing how some part of our daily work turn out to be the assurance of our quality. In 2019, HYB reproduced the videos and we are glad to share more with our customers.


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