HYB announce their new distributor in Zimbabwe

2018-09-27 17:52:01

The South Africa has been one of the most important market for HYB in the past 8 years.


The toner, cartridges for copiers from HYB to South Africa has gained more reconigtion as time goes by. The accumulation of HYB reputation related to high quality products has been established well and due to it’s up to 60% savings margin compared to OEM products.More customers started to notice that it is a long-term and profitable idea to distribute products with HYB trademarks.


In 2017,HYB announced their first distributor in South Africa-MR TONER whom has been buying HYB product for 8 years. MR TONER is a supplier of high quality compatible Copier Toners, Parts & Printer Consumables. Tony (Owner & managing director) has been doing business for over 17 years, supplying dealers & individuals all over South Africa. In 2018, MR TONER exhibited in The Office Consumables Seminar and HYB share their database of local South African customers with them for a faster delivery of immediate stock.


In the September of 2018, HYB has reached an agreement with their new distributor PRINTWARE in Zimbabwe and agreed to have Printware as their sole distributor for HYB®, ZEUS toner® in Zimbabwe.

PRINTWARE ® is the historical brand of cartridges and inks for printers in Zimbabwe. Present in the sale of printer consumables for over ten years, Printware has extended their product category to copiers consumables like Kyocera, Konica Minolta, etc. and the supplier who locate Quality of product as priority is the only partner Printware is willing to work with.


By penetrating the quality products of HYB into Zimbabwe market, Printware and HYB will soon reach a higher success in South Africa. Based on this, the partnership will be stronger and the many more local customers who are looking for HYB products will get the convenience to get immediate stock in Zimbabwe.

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