How does the cartridge identify the authenticity?

2017-05-22 09:46:27

Fake, a so many consumers worry about it, hurt the word.

Whether you are in the lively fashion market, or walk in the crowd of electronic IT market, fake seems to be everywhere in our side. Printing supplies market is so, "really Li Kui, fake ghosts," this "cohabitation" of the status quo, it is confusing.  

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ajority of users trouble, even as manufacturers of manufacturers, but also had to prevent fake rampant and rush around. We do not seem to simply understand it as the maintenance of the interests of manufacturers, because users use fake and shoddy products, although a lot cheaper, but the attendant many hidden dangers will gradually appear out, print quality is low, reduce the use of the machine Life and many other hidden dangers, so that the vast number of consumers and consumables manufacturers had to "fake" positive "war".

As the printing market of the three giants, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Canon has been hoping to also domestic printing supplies market a "fresh", they take turns into the "security" measures, it is effective. Based on the position of an ordinary consumer, I decided to take this recipe in the selection of genuine supplies on the road ahead of you, hoping to help.

First of all, it is important to find the shops that have the "genuine supplies retail store" brand, or call the manufacturer's hotline, or visit the manufacturer's supplies page, carefully check the information of genuine supplies retail stores. Because, only the manufacturer certified genuine genuine supplies shop can provide a good reputation and service, and to ensure the quality of the cartridge. Even if the use of ink cartridges in the process of a problem, you can also get in touch with them, can effectively ensure that everyone's consumer rights are not compromised. Therefore, I will this point to enjoy the genuine supplies of the "fundamental."

Second, is the specific product to the identification of security. For example, the printer manufacturers Epson Corporation, in order to make consumers more easily identify the authenticity of ink cartridges, counterfeit supplies, to protect the interests of consumers, Epson will be the original packaging on the laser holographic anti-counterfeit labels all replaced by "color lock" Epson's "new color anti-counterfeit labels" is the use of special printing technology, which is characterized by color-coded anti-counterfeit marked with a layer of special ink, when the buyer changes the viewing angle, the anti-counterfeit labels will show bronze and green The color change. If the color of the anti-counterfeit mark is not between the bronze and green changes, you can confirm that is a fake ink cartridges, which further improve the ability of security and identification of convenience, so that every consumer can have a pair of eyes; Epson ink cartridges come with the identification card to further distinguish, through the identification card we can clearly see two different colors of the five-pointed star, through the left side of the film to see the five-pointed star green, and through the right side of the film to see the Pentagon Star is bronze; Finally, that is, Epson ink cartridges unique "excellent ink integral labels", the three are indispensable. As for the details of these anti-counterfeiting technology, I am kindly called "color".

As for the third point, it is too much trouble, if you can not determine the above through their own way to buy the authenticity of the cartridge, then, only to Epson designated maintenance center, printing center or genuine supplies center for the purchase of free identification of ink cartridges You will get a satisfactory answer.

"Good is the epitaph of the apostles, despicable despicable pass", in this true and false "Li Kui" in the war, the original genuine supplies have been in a disadvantageous position, the enemy is dark, and manufacturers can not all the energy Are placed on the "anti-counterfeiting", then, in addition to manufacturers and the close cooperation between the government, the role of the majority of consumers can not be ignored. Hope that the close cooperation, we can effectively eliminate the domestic supplies market, but also print equipment supplies market quiet, this is what we desire.

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