2019-06-29 16:22:30

With the concept of green sustainable development deeply rooted in the people, nowadays globally people are promoting the concept of "green consumption", the copier industry is also fully innovative in this field. In the past, the photocopier drum units were used up and discarded, but it is technically more cost-saving to remanufacture and recycle. Certainly there is a premise of good quality remanufacturing otherwise a higher pollution will be created in the process.



Remanufactured Drum Units are a better replacement to O.E.M products when the initial products are used out. Relatively they are saving cost and it’s important to lower the cost of imaging products and most importantly, it decreased dramatically the waste of plastic, OPC drum, coating material etc. which are currently over consumed. There are lots of comparison between New compatibles and Remanufactured Drum units in terms of their quality and the result turned out to be quite obvious.



The largest market for Remanufactured products, such as North America and EU; has been welcoming the quality replacement if the source of products are legal, official while in China; the industry is still not prepared enough for massive quantity due to the shortage of raw material. More precisely, many workshops where companies use to remanufacture drum cartridges are not set up as a formal size company for such production. Some of them are not licensed to do that under supervision of Environment Protection Bureau as this will cost them a lot maintain their certification. That’s why there are few companies from where distributors can get good products.


Drum units are mostly designed for A 3 machines and format is much wider and all the professionals take this remanufacturing technique apart from the laser toner cartridges. The tolerance allowed to have difference from the O.E.M drum cartridges is small enough and this is critically important to be known by all the suppliers who tried or trying to develop their own new molds for injection of plastic parts in the Drum cartridges. Unfortunately, the eagerness of larger sales have sped up the process of all the manufacturers for such products of development, testing, approving products, which turned to a bad result or reputation to new compatible Drum cartridges.


Quality issue is like the Achilles' Heels and become a bottleneck so who will lead the development of this industry?



As the First-Choice of more than 600 importers in 77 countries who are professional distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers of copier imaging supplies and machines, HYB has more than 21 years of experience in the manufacturing field of photocopier replacement products. The strong R & D, certified sourcing channels, technical professionals are all the basic factors that help HYB to build their success in such products. The principle of HYB always stick to “ persistence to high quality”. Mr. Vincent Chen, the president of HYB integrated his sourcing, connection with suppliers to Original Equipment to fulfill their quality principle into this Remanufacturing Project.


Technique of production, sourcing of Original Drum cartridges, sorting of OPC drum and other raw material etc. are all the factors that lead to the success of such products.


Quick test machines in Dust-free workshop


Testing of Raw Drum cartridges before next process


FQC 100% on each Drum cartridges by systematic equipment


Characteristic Analysis


Dust-free warehouse


So far, the production line of remanufacturing Drum cartridges has been integrated into HYB Zhuhai cartridges factory and the stable supply channels of original Drum cartridges retain from 10000-13000 pieces. The potential of capacity will enable HYB to supply al all the valuable customers Globally. HYB has been currently supply their Drum units to several leading distributors with their finished products for use in Ricoh®, Konica® Minolta®, Canon® etc. The stable cost-saving solution gains a great popularity among their customers.



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