Laser printer cartridge selection and maintenance

2017-04-14 09:30:55

Laser printer cartridge selection and maintenance

A good laser printer, not only to have high-quality laser engine, processing power of the controller, but also inexpensive supplies. The three missing, the printer will not be a desirable laser printer. In the laser printer, the main supplies are toner cartridges, more than 70% of the imaging components concentrated in the cartridge, you can say that the drum is the heart of the laser printer. So how to identify the laser printer cartridge is good or bad, in the course of the use of what should pay attention to it?
Cartridge classification
Laser printer cartridges in the common combination can be divided into the following three categories:

Integrated cartridge: photoconductor drum (photosensitive drum), drum (development roller) and toner cartridges as one of the cartridge. This kind of cartridge in principle on the design structure does not allow users to add toner.

Two cartridges: refers to the cartridge is divided into two separate parts: one part of the photoconductor drum, the other part of the drum and toner cartridges. After the user has used the toner, simply replace the drum and toner cartridge parts without replacing the photoconductor drum.

Sanitary cartridges: refers to the cartridge is divided into three separate parts: photoconductor drum, drum, toner cartridges. The user only needs to change the toner cartridge. Often some manufacturers call it the toner separation technology.

For the two-body and three-body cartridges, does not mean that the use of laser printers in the process, users do not need to replace the photoconductor drum, in fact, these two types of light guide drum and the first class of integrated cartridges, A certain life, or even better than the integrated drum drum light drum long life. Therefore, in the purchase of laser printers, the user must pay attention.

At present, the photoconductor drum is coated with crystalline selenium photosensitive material, and its superior performance and reliability are recognized by the vast majority of laser manufacturers in the world. HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Shida, Founder and other laser printer manufacturers have chosen the cartridge. In addition there are a few manufacturers choose ceramic surface of the photoconductor drum.

The choice of toner cartridge
Toner cartridges directly determine the quality of the laser printer output file. At the same time, the cartridge is also one of the most vulnerable parts in the printer. The choice of toner cartridges can be mainly from the toner and drum life in two aspects to measure.

Toner: As we all know, laser printer print quality is mainly determined by the laser printer resolution, 1200 × 1200dpi print accuracy is 600 × 600dpi print accuracy of 4 times. In fact, the print quality is also directly related to the size of the toner particles, in the 1200dpi print accuracy, if the toner particles greater than 1/1200 inches, not only can not achieve 1200dpi print accuracy, and in the fixing, the melting toner particles Overlapping uneven, to a large extent will affect the print quality. From the appearance of the cartridge is unable to judge the quality. One way to determine the quality of the toner is to use a laser printer that uses this toner to print a black sample, and to see if the black distribution is uniform.

Toner life: cartridge life and price not only affect the price of the machine, but also related to the cost of long-term use in the future. The laser printer often measures the cost of printing the laser printer at a single page printing cost. Single page printing costs = cartridge price / drum life, the lower the cost of a single page, the higher the cost-effective cartridge. So buy drum, the drum of the longer life, the more cost-effective.

Toner cartridges maintenance
The imaging of the laser printer is first dependent on the exposure of the photoconductor drum. When the toner case encounters light, the inner and outer layers of the drum are turned on so that the voltage at the exposure is different from the voltage at the exposure. The exposed area can adsorb the toner during the fixing process. But the drum is a point of exposure time and the number of times are limited, especially for a long time continuous exposure to the damage to the cartridge more powerful. So users should pay attention to the usual use of toner cartridges maintenance. The following is my use in the summary of a little experience, for your reference.

1. Do not remove it from the packaging until you are ready to use the toner cartridge. In general, the drum cartridge does not open the life of about 1.5 years, and open the drum cartridge life of about half a year. To prevent damage to the toner cartridge, be careful not to replace the toner cartridge in the light, and as soon as possible to complete the installation, exposure time not more than a few minutes. When you need to remove the toner cartridge from the printer, you should immediately put it back into the box or wrapped with thicker soft linen, do not make the drum directly exposed to sunlight or other strong light source, so as not to damage the cartridge.


2. Adjust the print density, save toner, extend the life of the drum. Just put the cartridge of the laser printer, toner is sufficient, so the print concentration is larger, clear text, and to the late, with the toner cartridges in the reduction of the print density gradually reduced, the text or image becomes unrecognizable The In fact, by adjusting the printer settings, we can keep the print concentration as stable as possible and save toner. But also to print out the document clarity and color depth can be maintained at a more average level, looks clear, pleasing to the eye. In addition, for informal documents or print quality requirements of the file is not high, you can choose "economic mode" to print, so that the printer on each page using as little toner as possible, not only can extend the life of the drum, but also reduce The cost of printing paper per page.

3. When the toner content is low, the printed page will appear faded or lighter color printing phenomenon. In this case, you do not have to replace the toner cartridge, you can redistribute the toner to temporarily improve the print quality, complete the current print job. Remove the toner cartridge from the inside of the printer, gently shake the cartridge from both sides, so that the toner evenly distributed. It should be noted that the drum in the light exposure time should not be too long, you can use paper to cover the light guide drum, to avoid direct light. If the toner is still very light if the toner is redistributed, you will need to replace a new one or add toner to the cartridge.

In addition, it should be noted that do not touch the surface of the drum cartridge, so as not to scratch the drum; do not put the cartridge in high temperature, high humidity, to ensure that the cartridge away from the monitor, hard drive, floppy disk drive or any other magnetic material , To ensure that the cartridge is not magnetized.

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