Misjudgment of the original and erroneous operation in the scanning deviate from the normal printing conditions

2017-08-01 14:31:01

If the main reason for the occurrence of image quality deviation in the normal process of the printing process is that the data operation error during the scanning operation or the scanning work data deviates from the normal printing conditions will affect the image quality. Because the correct scan work data is derived from the normal printing conditions. Therefore, we believe that when the scan due to the judge on the original error and the misuse of the scan, in fact, the image is also deviated from the printing of normal printing conditions. Also lost the image of the prepress "printability", that is, lost the printed image in the normal state of printing on the color, level, contrast, clarity performance.
When printing the following situation occurs, the printing will be a bad phenomenon. White field, black field calibration errors white field, black field errors will cause the printing screen contrast is too large or too small. White field and black field area or the density of the original calibration is too small, there will be printed screen loss of contrast, so that the screen color saturation reduced, there is a feeling of darkness.

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