2020-01-06 16:48:58

With good sigh of “Golden pig left with Luck, Jade mouse arrives with Harvest”, HYB Annual Gathering and Celebration of New Year was held on January 5, 2020. All different department leaders, employees, partners gathered together to spend a memorable and wonderful time.


After a pleasing opening dance, the annual meeting officially began, the MC brought good news to everyone – the company has achieved excellent performance in 2019 the with steady development so that the guests cheers for the great achievements and a better future.


In the warm applause, Vincent Chen the president of HYB issued an impassioned speech. Mr. Chen expressed his thanks to all the colleagues, Mr. Chen said that in 2019, the year ahead, under the company's scientific deployment and the correct leadership, united and hard working, the company's development has been successful.


Then came the exciting moment of the annual meeting, the moment when the "Outstanding Performers" honored the 2020 Awards for Outstanding Employees. Company leaders took the stage to present awards to outstanding employees for their hard work and dedication over the past one year. In the whole award process, Outstanding Employees enjoy the applause and glory under the stage, from one to the next. Everyone was heartily pleased with the winning partner.


20+ Years of Experience, 20+ Years of Excellence.  HYB focused on their products with offering of sincere service, excellent quality which cast the great company culture. In 2020, HYB is full of enthusiasm to sail the new journey and new mission.

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