New phenomenon in Chinese E-Shopping Infringing products

2019-06-03 13:45:27

Since the past 3 years, the Across-The-Board actions against Toner Cartridges Retailers on TMALL, TAOBAO, JD ( The most popular Internet Shopping Mall ) is growing to the extent that hundreds of shops owners are punished. They were forced to stop selling their fast-moving items from their shop if the products are targeted. The actions have never been so aggressive and it looks like Original Equipment Manufacturers seriously declare the “war” of defending their patents started.


TK-1113, TK-1123 toner cartridges compatible for Kyocera FS-1040/1020MFP/1120MFP/1320MFP

FS-1041/1022MFP/1320MFP are one of the most popular items sold in the After Market for years. Most of the cartridges sold on the Internet, Retail, Wholesale in China are involved to Patent issues. Since the last 3 years, many companies received the notification from the Shopping platform to take these items off from their shops. Those who take no actions to improve their shop or find legal documents to prove their cartridges are “Patent-free” will receive further legal actions.

The Questions 1. How dealers, distributors should deal with this situation? and 2. Why your supplier is not giving a solution as a manufacturer?


HYB, as the leading manufacturer and full-range products provider for Photo copier Imaging supplies and spare parts; we are not only selling products but also assure the security of the products sold to our customers and avoid distributors involving into quality issues.




We have developed the Patent Non-Infringing TK-1110, TK-1112, TK-1120, TK-1125 and relevant cartridges to make sure the customers will not have problems when they are selling these items through their dealer channels or online shop. HYB manufacture and develop molding for more than 2770 items of copier cartridges, waste toner boxes and we have our own R and D team who know keep working on designing our cartridges. With our 20 + years of experience dedicated into copier consumables, we will support our distributors to obtain their long-term benefits by HYB Products.

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