Printer supplies classification

2017-07-18 11:14:03

Depending on the equipment to be used, the use of the use and the type of consumables itself, there are different classification methods, the following is classified by the type of supplies.
Toner cartridges: for laser printers, copiers, laser one machine, each machine on the different drum
Powder warehouse: for laser printers, copiers, laser one machine, in fact, is part of the cartridge, it is only installed toner, no photosensitive components, is the toner part of the toner separation printer.
Ink cartridges: inkjet printers, inkjet fax machines, all-in-one ribbon and ribbon: for dot matrix printer paper: independent of the device's expendable media, it can be divided into many types:
Printing paper: commonly known as plain paper
Color jet paper: dedicated to the ink on the inkjet printer
High-gloss paper: special paper for printing photo effects on the printer
Sulfuric acid paper: Because the paper is transparent. Can be used for tracing or transparent printing.
Toner: Toner or powder box in the powder, you can buy a powder for their own powder or powder into the warehouse, each corresponding to the toner may not be the same.
Ink: The liquid mass in the cartridge can be purchased separately for filling itself into the cartridge.
Even the supply: even for the "continuous ink system", generally refers to the external large-capacity ink bottle with the printer's original nozzle system to achieve a large number of low-cost printing, this ink bottle is generally fixed to the outside of the printer, but also need On the original ink system to transform, so even after the installation of the general will lose the warranty. Their own manual ink just change and damage the cartridge, the printer did not hurt

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