Printing supplies purchase method

2017-07-25 10:56:57

Printing supplies is a consumable, from time to time for a group of new supplies, in the purchase of supplies also need to have some skills, in case of poor supplies will buy the future will affect the normal work, so the selection Be careful. The following will introduce five optional supplies for your reference.

One, look at the effect
The printing effect is undoubtedly an important measure of a printing / copying of supplies. Copier effect is mainly to see the text image resolution, whether the distortion, contrast is large. And printer supplies in the original printing supplies printing effect is undoubtedly the best, but now there are many general supplies manufacturers of technology to meet international standards, the production of supplies in the printing effect and the original supplies of the gap is not.

Second, look at quality
This includes whether the ink cartridge leaks, whether the toner cartridge will leak or print the end of ash and so on. Because sometimes, in terms of print results may be no problem in the product, but after long-term use may appear color cast, print the file appears disconnected and so on. This is a number of poor quality general printer supplies or counterfeit supplies, easily lead to plug the print head, print quality degradation and other issues, serious will lead to print head damage, so that equipment scrapped, so that users are worth the candle.

Third, look at the price
Consumables prices have been the topic of concern to users, after all, supplies often need to buy, the price of supplies directly determine the cost of the late how much. In the printing of supplies on the issue, the original supplies expensive, but the print quality is good, the effect is guaranteed; general supplies in the price does not have certain industry standards, prices vary. Copier copy speed faster, the more features, the higher the price of the copier, followed by the more expensive supplies and accessories.

Fourth, look at the brand
In the purchase of copier supplies which, the brand is also very critical. High-quality supplies brand, not only allows users to save money, more able to worry about the use of the process. Some low-quality supplies of their own production process and selection, in the printing, the output process, the copier may bring some damage, serious and even lead to internal failure, reduce the life of the copier. So the choice of regular supplies brand is very important, AOpen printing supplies to 20 years of experience to speak, is a cost-effective printing supplies brand.

Five to see aftermarket
Consumables are a consumable, for companies or some of the amount of printing, copy the large number of users is often a change, therefore, sometimes encounter some due to the use of their own supplies or improper reasons, resulting in occasional lead , Print broken and other failures. And usually solve these problems, the user will turn to the manufacturers of aftermarket and technical support, so the perfect after-sales service is very important.
More than five of the purchase method we all learned it? Hope that small partners can buy the favorite supplies.

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