Quality Pioneering, Quality Elite of HYB

2019-08-28 10:05:16

Quality is the cornerstone of enterprise existence while brand is the foundation of its development. HYB, as the R&D vane in the compatible copying consumables industry, persistently attaches upmost importance to product quality and stability. To carry a perfect “IMAGING” to the customers of our distributor, HYB always have to optimize its quality standard for the factory.



Started from this summer, the campaign of “Improvement on capacity, Assurance of quality” of HYB is activated. By the common effort of all members, HYB has reached a fruitful improvement especially in the QC management. In 2019, the defective rate of products is under 45PPM during HYB patrol inspection procedure. Through the statistics of global users, the compatible consumable products of HYB possess high stability with 40PPM low complaint rate.



The result leads out of HYB persistence in optimizing QC management system. Now HYB already realizes gradient control on the planning, executing, managing these three phases. When amount-added executed on the industrial regular inspection standard, the consumable products can print at least 120,000 pages in the high-speed copiers. HYB budgeted huge investment in the QC and QA as well as personnel construction and believes that exporting premium quality products will enhance the “Made in China” industrial reputation.


Experience Shared, Create Various Production Lines Models


The key of quality management system implementation relied on the operators so there is a three-month quality campaign 3 times in a year in HYB. Through promoting the campaign all over the factories in the country, the quality concept will be improved in the group workers.


In every large factory of HYB, there will be an outstanding workers being elected for performing well in every link every month. They will share their summarized experience to colleagues for better understanding the knack of producing highly efficient and first-tier quality goods. “Turning the problem into a project, Satisfying customers’ needs” is becoming the pursuit of every worker.



Encourage the desire for persistent efforts


The commendations of outstanding worker in August guide the quality control for HYB and lay a solid foundation for products quality advancement. With the organization of quality control department and enormous support of multiple other departments, the workers have learned sophisticated quality control knowledge improving the sense of responsibility and solving the production quality problem as well as forming various standards, which make substantial contributions for advancing the products quality.


HYB will make persistent efforts to guarantee quality and quantity and contribute to achieving the goals of “Made in China 2025”.

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