Remanufacturing Production integrated into HYB Cartridge factory

2019-06-03 13:50:02

    Since 2018, HYB launched their first series of Remanufactured Drum Units for copiers and the demand from HYB existing sales channels for high quality remanufactured items is getting bigger. Many of our customers have tried new compatibles for the same items produced by some suppliers and the defect of quality during function appeared very early. This has created a great disappointment and loss of interest in new developed molding of drum cartridges until their dealers tested and approved the Remanufactured Drum units for Color Bizhub® and IR C advance ®machines produced by HYB.

       The expansion of new production area enables HYB to integrate their remanufacturing production lines for Drum units and Fuser Assembly into their Cartridges Production Base in NanPing Industrial Zone.

       The convenience of All-In-One Research and Development in cartridges, spare parts, manufacturing process will also benefit the HYB customers and distributors for their technical communication, factory visits and training.

       The regular sales of Konica®, Canon® Remanufactured Drum Units stabilized the sourcing of collection of Original Drum Cartridges and HYB configured the Drum Units with premium OPC Drum and other accessories to provide the customers the products with Great Satisfaction.

       HYB is launching a line of Remanufactured Fuser Assembly in the middle of June.

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