Satisfaction from Customers by new HYB Color Toner use in Xerox copiers

2019-11-11 11:13:36

Since HYB launched their Supreme Fusing Color toner formula, their customers with Xerox dealer base are surprised with their new solution which finally enable them to offer premium toner consistently.

Most of the After-Market Xerox toner has been creating fusing problems in heavy duty copying and furthermore the Developer gone since the second cartridges were installed and used.

The increase of service cost has made most of the customers hesitate to use any more compatible toner until they started to test the exclusive formula launched by HYB.

“ The Generic toner mostly work with defects in machine models like DocuCentre-IV C2260/C2263/C2265 and versalink C7020/C7025/C7030 toner. In order to know the worst thing can happen with our toner, we decided to run testing on C 5571 -IV, 2271 VI machines over and over again before processing the toner into regular models like C2260. All the technical professionals in my team have to get rid of their Superstition on names of Toner suppliers and products origin to test a huge quantity of samples relabeled- and we call this BLIND TESTING”

Said Mr. GU , the Responsible for Technical.

Since the 2017, we have more and more customers who feedback positively with the quality and consistency of our toner and new customers who have approved our toner.

When every suppliers are entering the market where there are already lots of low-end products, HYB keeps their Research and Development in product range where the After-Market products are not yet successful. This is why the customer base of HYB are those who are looking for O.E.M replacement instead of cheapest supplies among compatibles.


Come and join us to develop the market with Quality oriented customers, the Blue Sea in Business.

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