The New Year greeting from the president of HYB

2019-12-27 17:57:11

Mr. Vincent Chen, the president of HYB Group would like to express his gratitude for the supports from the colleagues, partners, friends and customers in 2019.

Distinguished customers, partners, friends and my workmates,

On this occasion of welcoming the New Year, please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for the consistent supports and helps in 2019 and wish you a very happy New Year. We witnessed the 2019 is a tough year and competition in the Aftermarket is getting bigger. Even the industrial leaders who used to dominate big market share started to suffer challenges or even losses. I am glad to see that HYB members, my dearest workmates have worked hard to overcome the difficulty and negative market influence and created a growth of 42% in such a period. We impressed our customers with premium quality and products with good reputation. We strengthened the trust from our customers and distributors by confidence building and good service. In 2019, we signed more than 7 new distributors who start to promote products with our trademarks and developed 94 new importers who determine to start a partnership with HYB from 2019.

The customers are well known and market channels are transparent nowadays. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t develop new channels. The realization of customers who tried to promote low-end products but returns with low profit and high investment has changed and determined to work with professional exports in their own field, such as HYB and the HYB team. 21 years of concentration on copier consumables business is not just an advantage but also huge pressure that doesn’t allow us to make mistake which will cause problems to our customers.

The common target of HYB and our team is to build our brand as the First Choice when customers look for consumable and products related to copiers. We cannot afford to disappoint our customers according to our principle. I am grateful to see that we are still sticking to this principle in our operations. Thank you very much!

I sincerely hope that the mutual support between us and our customers will be continuous in the New Year. Best wishes to our customers, friends and wish all of us enjoy a prosperous 2020.


President: Vincent Chen


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